About Us

Who We Are

We specialize in re-roofing, repairs of all types and sheet metal roof systems. TA Marsh Roofing is a roofing company which has been operating in San Diego, CA for the last 36 years. We specialize in roof repairs and sheet metal roofing. Throughout our years in business, we have built professional standards of work. You don’t think about a new roof or repairing the old until you have a leak or damage. Roof repairs are something common in our daily work. If the time to fix your roof has come, don’t hesitate to contact TA Marsh Roofing. Our work includes inspecting your roof for leaks, weak areas and broken shingles and roof repairs. You will save more money if you call a professional roofer, instead of trying to fix your roof by yourself. Unprofessional roof repairs may cause more damage to your roof and that will cost more money for sure.

An easy choice for any respectful & reputable roofing needs. Our work includes a visual inspection to determine what repairs or maintenance are required or if your roof is in need of replacement. Our roofing contractors are well trained and prepared to meet all of your expectations and requirements. With our company you will spend less than you think and the final results will be more than desirable for you. TA Marsh Roofing works on commercial as well as residential roofing projects with high standards of work. We provide the most reliable results all over the San Diego, CA area. Don’t waste your energy climbing on your roof to find the problem, we can do it for you. Our roofers are quick, professional and kind. They will find any leak or problem on your roof and resolve it as soon as possible. After our visual assessment we will provide you with a detailed estimate and cost for what scope of work your roof requires.